Saturday, April 24, 2010

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere out there over the horizon waits a better place for you that can bring you happiness.
Somewhere out there under the new sky waits a better place for you where you can ease all of your pain.
Somewhere out there the sun will be shining to light a path for you so you can find yourself again.
Somewhere out there you'll find what you're looking for. You will find peace and tranquility. You will find love for yourself.
Somewhere out there it will never rain unless you pray for the sky to wash away your hate.
Somewhere out there you will find the time to pull yourself together and clear up your bothered mind.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fuck You.

For all the things you never did and all those things i left unsaid.
Under my breath, i hated you for so fucking long.
Cant even remember the last time i praised you and your beliefs.
Keep on keeping on is what you told me.
You cant even follow your own advice.
Out on the streets is where you fucking put me.
Under my breath i'll still curse your fucking name. Fuck you forever.


Sit back and think.
Bad choice.
Let it slip.
Stop givin a shit.
Move on.
Move up.
Keep moving forward.
Stop looking backwards.
Eyes to the sky.
Better than to the floor.
On the floor.
Notice the cracks.
Watch out cause you might slip.
Dont wanna do that.
Eyes to the sky.
Forwards not lookin so hot.
But its better than backwards.
Not your past.
But remember that the sky never fail you.
Its always there.
Blue or gray its always there.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Diseased Youth.

We are the diseased youth of a falling nation on a planet in absolute peril. We are wrecked and we are hopeless. We are hungry and we are homeless. Metaphorically speaking, we are literally teaching our children to fail and be unsuccessful. To boast and be unprofessional. We threw common courtesy out the window, and self respect also had to go. We are government issued zombies walking roads that we paved to lead us to nothing. We are wrecked and we are hopeless. We are hungry and we are homeless. We are used, and we are useless.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


When will we fucking learn that life is a gift that not everyone gets to embrace for their fair share of time. Life is a priveledge earned, not loved, lost, and burned. Old bridges sink with our former fathers and new ones built by the hands of us, and our sons and daughters.

When will we figure out that we can not go about our time hating one another even though it seems as though some people do not deserve more than a first glance because of the unjust acts they have performed in their life. Our hearts need to be filled with compassion no matter the size and express this emotion upon others as though we have known them for all time.

We must learn to love.
If we cannot learn to atleast do that, then how many people will remember our names when our time is up? Who will repeat the positives about us if all they knew was our negatives? Quit spreading words of hate and deceit about one another. Who gives a fuck about mistakes people have made? There is a funny thing about humanity and living. Mistakes. We all make them, but some of us let that slip through our minds and put our selves on podiums as if we're better than everyone else and our mistakes can be forgiven. Fuck that. I am me, you are you. Lets live our lives and not add more weight to peoples mistakes. Forgiveness. Pernodame'.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Redwood Trees (short story)

That night sitting down by the rocks next to that empty river bed watching the clouds go by, I reached up and pulled some stars down for you. You told me you were not a fan of the ones I had chosen because their brightness could not compare to how you felt. So I drew my leg back, and kicked them back over the clouds and into the sky, then grabbed a few more for you. These ones were more appealing to you. They were as bright as your eyes when you’re laughing at one of my ridiculously obscene jokes. And yet as soft and smooth as the voice that rolls off your lips when you’re singing sweet songs to me, or even just talking in general. Maybe this sounds cliche but you have become the soundtrack to my everyday schedule. I wake in the morning thinking of how you sound each and every night before I rest my weary head.

In the midst of all of this, next to that lonely river bed we lose track of time and fall asleep side by side under the stars, and under the watchful eyes of the red oak trees. Falling through our subconscious states we dream about nights like these and how they are meant to last forever. We’ll forever keep these memories burned into our minds like bird foot prints into freshly paved roads and initials of children who just want to press their fingers into new sidewalks. We’ll wake up in the morning and be forced to go our separate ways, knowing that things like this can only last for so long. We take that to heart, accept, and keep that night in our minds. And one day, we’ll tell our children about summer loves and the first times our hearts caught fire.

Reflecting (short story)

Some days I'll sit and watch the rain and think back on how she felt. Her song was like no other. Her words flowed gently from her soft lips and spiraled their way into my ear and through my mind. Her song was like no other. Slow and soft, with an ever changing key that depends on her mood. No matter what her mood may be, it never dissapoints. The mixture of rain splashing against my window, wind pressing like gentle hands against my walls never sounded better...

150 Miles Til' Vegas (short story)

She looks over at me from the passenger side seat. The warm summer air dancing through her hair around her neck and down her arms. Is it possible for her to look any more beautiful that she does as of now? Big eyed sunglasses rest on top her messy tossed up hair, messy but yet still perfect in its own way. "Nothing but empty roads and mountains from now till Vegas" i said. Her reply was a simple smile. Which honestly, was all i really needed. Its her smile that sends my mind spiraling and falling in love all over again everytime. It doesnt make sense, but i believe im happier trying not to make sense of it. Long empty roads lined with a scenery backdrop of mountains for as far as the human eye can see. The theme, her sweet sound. That sweet sound almost as familiar to finding that perfect song you want to just keep on repeat for hours on end. Its the feeling of being alive. "150 miles till Vegas" the next roadsign says. "Not too much farther babe." She says as she rotates her hand and takes note that the air moving around her finger tips and through her palm is quite warm and comforting. "A couple more hours." i reply to her in a soft tone. Not to masculine of me, but i dont think she minds. Neither do I. Anything to make her feel that she is worth something to me. The next few hours will most likely go by pretty quick. We had been listening to all our favorite musicians while we crossed the country. Listening to her sing all her favorite words to all her favorite songs kept me wanting more and kept time
flying as well. I take my eyes off the road for a second to lean over and kiss her cheek. She smiles back at me and lets our a short spur of laughter. I smile in return as well. Thats worth living for.